Got Termites?

Signs of infestation:


  • Wings or sawdust near windows, doors or in the garage. 

  • Buckling paint or tiny holes on wood. 

  • Flying or "SWARMING" termites in the house, especially near light sources.

If you believe you have a termite infestation, it is highly recommended you call a professional pest control service, City & Suburbs Pest Control. The following are tips to help you improve conditions that are inviting termites into your home. These measures will not prevent or control termite infestations.


Moisture attracts termites. Moisture problems should be corrected as follows: Eliminate any standing water and its source. Keep gutters and drain spouts clean, in good repair and free of clogs. Maintain proper ventilation in the crawl space. Repair leaky plumbing or any drainage under the house. Remove wood, scrap lumber tree stumps, and firewood from around the house. Cut back all shrubs/bushes away from the foundation of the home. Remove all wood to ground contact. Seal all cracks and screen all vents.


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