What about Roaches

What about Roaches: They are very common pest, they infest homes restaurants, any really any structure they can worst part they can transmit disease through food poisoning and droplets. Allot of people develop an allergen, just like you would with dust,


There is allot of different kinds of roaches in Philadelphia Bucks and Montgomery Counties especially with the waterways and sewer systems like the Delaware river for instant creates a ton of moisture that travels into the surrounding neighborhoods and communities, and that brings roaches and water bugs once they are established they become prolific breeders and are very capable of having several thousand of offspring in less than a one year of time.


How do I know I have Roaches: Look for live or dead roaches also shell casings, fecal pellets and regurgitated food matter, you will also be able to smell oily and pungent odors in your locations Also look for signs of coak roaches in cereal boxes, cracker boxes and cabinets are usally a good place to look. German cockroaches tend to be smaller in size and are commonly found in restaurants and homes,


While American and Oriental roaches are much larger in size and sometime people call them water bugs which in our area we seem to have allot of "water-bugs"Coakroaches are more active at night time, they are smart creators and have a ton of senses that help them know when and where to eat sleep and breed this is why you may not beware of there presence at first and as soon as you see them you need to call city and suburbs pest control because we specialize in cockroach control and pest elimination