What are Ants? Ants have six legs, and can be found anywhere and everywhere on the planet There is over 450 different types in North America alone, You can identify them by there curved like antennae and also there slim like waistline and node like structure.  


Ants love damp and cool places, and gather in highly complex colonies where there is millions of them at times, They build there homes in many different ways. Some ants build there homes in small dirt mounds made from sand or dirt, while other ants may use sticks mixed up with dirt and sand,They like the sand and sticks to protect themselves from rain and weather Allot of ants live directly in wood since it makes for such a good shelter and comfort zone,


A Queen ant can survive upto 30 years-and can lay millions and millions of eggs in her life span, It usually take an ant to develop into a full adult 8 to 12 weeks 

Some signs of ants

You will see visual signs of dead and alive ants
Holes in wood and little mounds of dirt
Allot of sand close to cracks and crevices on your property